English Sheets

The following sheets were compiled for the benefit of our English readers. They can also be found in the context of the appropriate Parasha or Commemorative Days.


He went out to his brothers  Shmot 5771

He who spares the rod hates his son  Shmot 5767

Were the Forefathers Predestined to Descend to Egypt?  Va-Era 5768

What would a Kohen be doing in a cemetery?  Bo 5773

If one from among you should bring an offering Vayikra 5777



The Parable of the Cave and the Sea Hahodesh 5761

Six Million Altars Yom Hashoa 5772

The Apple Tree and Matan Torah Shavuot 5772

Special Pages

As the soul of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz ascended through the heavens

Osnat's Story

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